Writing Prompt: Juxtaposing Imagery



Think about two opposing concepts and juxtapose them to form a narrative about a world issue. The issue may include but is not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, global warming, human rights, etc. Feel free to experiment with the way you represent this piece: a poem interlaced with two conversing narratives (Ex: Craig Santos Perez, p. 345), a list (Ex: Terrance Hayes, p. 246), sectioned paragraphs (Ex: Carol Guess, p. 202), etc.


Using art as your voice in expressing your opinions and beliefs is a powerful way to be heard. Juxtaposition adds impact to your point, as it showcases the duality between two opposing views, or the two sides of one’s hypocrisy, or what the world is and what it could be.

For Later:

I hope this assignment will inspire you to turn to art and writing in times of experiencing (firsthand or secondhand) injustice or witnessing inhumane acts. Art gathers people together to celebrate and commiserate the joys and hardships of being human. Participating in this community, as writers and as artists, gives us a stronger voice in difficult times as well as a community of likeminded individuals who share both our joy and our pain with us.


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