Writing Prompt: Experimenting With Form



Choose a word and create a hybrid piece of writing that centers around it. Branch out and experiment with a form that represents your word and/or its definition. Your piece can take the form of a dictionary page (Ex: A. Van Jordan’s piece, p. 232), a crossword puzzle, a picture made of words, a timeline, a letter/email, or anything else that works for you and your piece. If necessary, also refer to Ander Monson’s work, p. 272


This assignment will help you to shape unique ways to approach the art of creative writing. After all, what we’re doing is creative—not merely in its content but in its form. A piece of writing doesn’t need to specifically be a traditional prose story with a rising action, climax, and resolution; or a poem with a specific rhyming and metrical structure. We have the freedom to experiment with our work, play with the language and represent them in different ways.

For Later

Once the boundary that confines you within the rules of traditional prose and poetry is broken, you will be able to explore the world beyond it. You will see the number of options you have to choose from to convey your ideas in creative ways. Once you have practiced this new frame of thinking, you will be able to create unique work that may catch the attention of literary magazines, many of which accept experimental work.



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