Journal Roundtable

For the journal roundtable, you need to research a journal that you might be interested in submitting work to, as the final portfolio includes a submission to a  literary journal as a requirement. The roundtable is a way for you to experience over a dozen different journals over one class session.

In order to make the session effective, you need to cover the basic journalistic questions for the journal: who? what? when? where? why? how?

  • Who? Who edits this journal? Who works on the staff? Who publishes in the journal? Who in the class might it be a good fit for?
  • What? What genre(s) does the journal cover? What is the mode of publication i.e. print, online, or hybrid? What is the journal like (traditional? experimental? do they publish new writers or mainly established writers?) What does the journal’s design look like?
  • When? When is the submissions deadline? When does the journal come out?
  • Where? Where is the journal published geographically? Does it have affiliations with a university or other institution or is it independent?
  • Why? Why are you interested in this journal? Why should we consider submitting work?
  • How? How long has the journal existed? How did you hear about it?

This list of questions is not exhaustive, and I encourage you to take your own tack when it comes to analyzing and reporting on the journal you choose. Cover the basics information and add something extra. Also, don’t be afraid to be critical of the journal or consider the ways the journal could be improved.

On the day of the roundtable (Thursday, April 13), please be able to talk about your journal for three minutes. Do your homework and research the journal and the people who make it happen. I will use the computer and projector to supply the visuals via the web page.

Take good notes about the journals and their websites. I will share a good resource to browse journals in class.